The ABC’s of Remodeling


By Warren Salihar

The Money Pit, starring Tom Hanks, is a far-fetched and hilarious movie about the remodeling problems a couple experiences after they buy the home of their dreams. As hilarious as this movie is there are valuable lessons to be learned. The most important of all? Always follow the ABC’s of remodeling. THE A B C’ S OF REMODELING:


If you start right, you end right. Any project we wish to complete in our lives requires a plan. Your home remodeling is no different. Interview several remodeling ARCHITECTS. This person must show they are experienced in the residential remodeling field. That person may have vast experience in commercial or new home construction but remodeling is in its own category.


The general contractor, or BUILDER, is the company that will orchestrate the construction of your remodel. They should be experienced in the remodeling aspect of a residential building. They must be comfortable working alongside architects to collaboratively troubleshoot any problems that may arise along the way. Of course, they have to be state licensed and show proof. In Arizona, we are fortunate that the state requires contractors to be licensed. The Illinois Registrar of Contractors exists to protect you, the homeowner. Take advantage of them, reach out for their help and guidance starting with a list of local, licensed architects and contractors.


A good builder relies on experienced Sub-CONTRACTORS to execute the project. Only the mechanical trades (electrical, heating, air conditioning, and plumbing) need to be licensed in the state. Regardless of license requirements, all contractors need the builder’s attention to ensure their quality during construction. The orchestra leader is only as good as the talent he leads.

Warren has been serving the construction industry since 1977. He would be pleased to answer questions you may have on your upcoming project.