3D Renderings & Walk-Thru

Planning is a critical part of any project. Before the first tool is put to use, a plan of action is required to put all the steps of your project in order to ensure proper workflow. Many times during the planning phase, a problem will be avoided before it gets a chance to show itself.

Gen-One Construction is meticulous when it comes to the planning stage of your project. We don’t like surprises during the construction phase, so we do everything within our power to avoid them.

If you have a floor plan, even if it’s something you’ve hand-drawn, that is a great starting point. Our designers will input that into our computer and start to create your space. Gen-One utilizes SoftPlan Architectural Design Software, a powerful design tool, to design and draft the plans for your project. You’ll see 3D renderings and views to help you visualize the space.